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Lagoon Sludge

If not properly managed, sludge can be the Achilles heel of a lagoon system.

Your lagoon is designed to build up sludge. Proper management is key.

  • Lagoons are designed to store sludge, but they all need maintenance eventually.
  • Typically, sludge must be removed every 20 years.
  • Lagoons don’t require the frequent dewatering and disposal of sludge, which can offer significant cost savings
  • Sludge can be reduced in place without dredging, extending the length between cleanings.
Lagoon Sludge

Problems excess sludge causes

smelly lagoon
  • High effluent BOD/TSS
  • Lagoon odors
  • Floating sludge
  • Benthal feedback of nutrients
  • Low lagoon dissolved oxygen

Sludge has volatile and non volatile components

Volatile Sludge:

  • Complex organics
  • Dead biomass
  • Mostly bacteria
  • Dead algae or duckweed

Non Volatile Sludge:

  • Sand and grit
  • Other non-organics

Sludge biology

Sludge Biology
  • Anaerobic
  • Acid-formers
  • Methanogens
  • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
  • Good for: reducing sludge blanket
  • Bad: odor, septicity
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More efficiency. More mixing.
More portability.





7,800 gpm




less weight

Ares Assembly 3 2023 Transparent
Draft Tube Mixing
Fine Bubble Efficiency
Portable Design

Adding Mixing & Aeration can reduce sludge in place

  • Multiple sludge reduction studies have been conducted with dual action coarse and fine bubble technology utilized by the Ares.
  • Simply by providing more mixing and oxygen to lagoons, sludge can be reduced in place.
  • Average level of sludge reduction is 45–50%.
Sludgeprofile Dark 01

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Excess wastewater lagoon sludge may be due to age or poor mixing. The result can be high levels of BOD, TSS and ammonia effluents, odor and lagoon turnover.

Excess lagoon sludge impacts the quality of treatment by releasing BOD and ammonia back into the water column. Our video blog explains it all.

Lagoon sludge reduction in place increases capacity, improves treatment, and reduces the need for mechanical dredging.


Download the Ares Aeration brochure.

Learn how the superior mixing and aerating power of Ares keeps sludge in check.

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