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Lagoon Efficiency

Energy consumption represents the highest operational cost for a lagoon system. Learn how replacing an obsolete aeration system can reduce energy demand and expense.

Aeration accounts for majority of lagoon operating costs

Upgrading to more efficient aeration represents the largest potential for system optimization and cost savings.

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Fundamentals of Aeration

“The purpose of aeration is two-fold:

  • to supply the required oxygen to the metabolizing microorganisms and
  • to provide mixing so that the microorganisms come into intimate contact with the dissolved and suspended organic matter.”

EPA Factsheet on Fine Bubble Aeration (1999)

Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

  • Aeration options available to lagoons vary in relative efficiency based on clean water testing.
  • Fine bubble is among the most efficient technologies, with coarse bubble and surface aeration being the least efficient.
  • However, lagoon fine bubble systems can struggle to properly mix the entire lagoon due to sheer volume of water.

Energy efficiency is important but don’t forget about mixing

  • The level of mixing in your lagoon determines how well the metabolizing microorganisms come into contact with the food (BOD).
  • As a result, the level of mixing determines how much can be treated and how quickly.
  • The higher the mixing rate, the faster the treatment.
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More efficiency. More mixing.
More portability.





7,800 gpm




less weight

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Fine Bubble Efficiency
Portable Design

Using Variable Frequency Drives can also limit energy consumption

  • Variable frequency drives have been used for decades to control the speed of motors.
  • The ability to slow a motor down when it is not needed saves on energy.
  • As most wastewater systems are designed with more capacity than they typically see, the aeration system is oversized.
  • Oxygen demand in summer is higher than in winter due to microbial activity; therefore, most lagoons can be operated with less power in the winter.

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