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Lagoon Odor

Your lagoon is talking to you.

Are you listening?

Odors are your lagoon’s way of telling you something.

Lagoon odors can be an indication of:

  • Anaerobic digestion of organics leading to hydrogen sulfide production.
  • Low dissolved oxygen
  • Excessive sludge buildup on the bottom
  • Overloading of BOD/TKN
lagoon color

When you have lagoon odor, sooner or later other problems surface.

smelly lagoon
  • Floating sludge on the surface of the lagoon
  • High effluent BOD/TSS/TKN/TP
  • Septic conditions within the lagoon
  • High fecal coliform

Common causes of lagoon odor

  • Lack of dissolved oxygen due to broken or ineffective aeration
  • Seasonal lagoon turnover
  • Overloading of high strength wastewater, typically from an industrial source
  • Sludge buildup over the life of the lagoon
Frozen Surface Aerator

Proper aeration can eliminate lagoon odors overnight

Hope Bc
  • Aeration promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria, which create odorless carbon dioxide and quickly break down any organics that are overloading the lagoon.
  • Oxygen in the water column oxidizes odorous gases, eliminating foul smells.
  • Increased mixing helps to destratify the water column, preventing turnover.
  • Proper mixing can reduce the sludge blanket.
Ares Svg

More efficiency. More mixing.
More portability.





7,800 gpm




less weight

Ares Assembly 3 2023 Transparent
Draft Tube Mixing
Fine Bubble Efficiency
Portable Design

Adding Mixing & Aeration can reduce sludge in place

  • Multiple sludge reduction studies have been conducted with dual action coarse and fine bubble technology utilized by the Ares.
  • Simply by providing more mixing and oxygen to lagoons, sludge can be reduced in place.
  • Average level of sludge reduction is 45–50%.
Sludgeprofile Dark 01

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