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We do some pretty amazing things with water. Join us.

We are experts at helping communities, businesses, farms, and even wineries treat “used” water so it can be safely returned to nature or reused. We’re looking for people as passionate about the world’s most precious resource as we are to join our team.

Clean water is precious. So are great careers...

We are Triplepoint, a company founded by two college buddies who wanted to make the world a better place. The industry they chose for change was water treatment, a highly technical field that few outside the business know about but every living thing depends on. Starting from ground zero, they developed new technology that not only does a better job of processing water to exacting standards, it makes life much easier for our customers. Thanks to adding some pretty smart people to our team and the pretty amazing things we do with water, Triplepoint is now the leading innovator in our space.

We’re also a darn good company to work with thanks to our commitment to being ethical in all that we do. We value collaboration and have fostered a casual, highly competent and supportive work environment where all can thrive. What drives our team is knowing we’re contributing to something larger than ourselves—the health of the world’s water supply—and the rewards that come from working with a growing, well-run organization: profit sharing, full benefits, 401(k), professional development, and the good stuff like paid vacations, group trips and personal time when you need it. Sound good? Take a closer look at our current opportunities.