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Our patented Ares Lagoon Aerator combines efficient fine-bubble aeration and robust coarse-bubble mixing in a single, portable unit.

More efficiency. More mixing.
More portability.





7,800 gpm




less weight

Ares Tech@2x
Draft Tube Mixing
Fine Bubble Efficiency
Portable Design

Lagoon aeration, optimized.

Fast installation. Easy maintenance.
Reliable operation.

Aeration 2 (2)
Individual Aerator Control
Heavy Flex Aeration Tubing
Onshore Blower
Large Mixing Area
Portable Aeration
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Individual Heavy Flex air lines for each aerator provide a robust installation, airflow control, and maximized redundancy.

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Add a blower PLC for cost-effective automated control, remote monitoring, and system alerts.

Aeration Designed for you

Precision Built.
User Friendly.
Tailored for You.

Collideascope Triplepoint Ir Assemblyexploded 1.png
138 lb total weight
CFD optimized static tube
4x stronger molded hub
5 second Quick Connect™
2x lifespan customized membranes

Ares Quick Connect

Insert, twist, and lock. Guaranteed to seal.

Our innovative Diffuser Quick Connect™ assembly allows the diffusers to be mounted to the hub just before installation, so units are easier to store, handle, and move.

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Quick Connect

Case Studies

Triplepoint’s lagoon aeration provides better oxygen transfer than their old, failing coarse bubble system.

Rigid fine bubble tubing was replaced with Triplepoint’s aeration to improve treatment and energy efficiency.

Triplepoint’s lagoon aeration allows this municipality to treat wastewater for beneficial reuse in irrigation and save on energy costs.


Download the Ares Aeration brochure.

Learn how Ares provides superior lagoon aeration, reduces maintenance, and increases efficiency.

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Partner with Triplepoint and let us put our specialized lagoon aeration expertise to work for you.

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We pledge to provide all our customers with the most authentic, long-term solution available. These solutions are built on the shoulders of more than 30 years of professional wastewater engineering experience. Our commitments to excellence, sound research, adaptability, and environmental consciousness separate Triplepoint from our competitors.

We stand behind our products and processes. Every installation is backed by our Technology Performance Guarantee: We guarantee our equipment will perform as promised or we’ll fix it, at no cost to you.

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Triplepoint turnkey aeration and ammonia removal systems can be onsite quickly to get treatment issues under control, to get your lagoon back into compliance, and to keep you out of trouble with regulators.

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