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Winery Process Water Aeration

Lagoons are an ideal treatment option for wineries because they are relatively low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and cost effective. A lagoon with sufficient capacity can easily cope with high BOD and TSS and the peak flows and loadings that are characteristic of winery process

An insufficiently maintained lagoon, however, can cause problems: Sludge buildup can reduce capacity, decrease treatment time, and cause objectionable odors. Undertreatment can cause permit violations and interruptions in production—both potentially costly outcomes.

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Ares Aeration® for Wineries


Triplepoint’s Ares Aeration helps wineries treat process water for beneficial reuse by maximizing oxygen transfer to remove organic materials and control odor while neutralizing pH for irrigation.

Ares combines efficient fine-bubble aeration and robust coarse-bubble mixing in a single, portable unit. There are no moving parts in the water: The Ares system is powered by an onshore blower, so maintenance can be performed from the surface with no system downtime.

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Learn how Ares can help your winery lagoon Do It Better.

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