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Triplepoint Acquired by Axius Water

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Patrick Hill

Co-Founder | Triplepoint Environmental

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Triplepoint Environmental has been acquired by Axius Water, a portfolio of businesses focused on improving the effectiveness of water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal customers. Axius Water’s acquisition of Triplepoint complements its established expertise in nutrient management and further expands the company’s capabilities in lagoon technology. 

According to Chris McIntire, Axius Water CEO, “Our experts in biology and chemistry develop solutions that leverage existing assets to remove more contaminants and clean more water across the water cycle. The addition of Triplepoint as part of the Axius Water platform significantly bolsters our nutrient management capabilities and we are thrilled to welcome Patrick Hill and Brady Galbreath-O’Leary to our leadership team…we are expanding our depth and breadth of reliable lagoon solutions that we will deliver to customers around the world.”

Axius Water

Triplepoint will maintain its Colorado headquarters and continue to operate as before, with its existing independent sales and marketing teams and manufacturers’ representatives. Patrick Hill and Brady Galbreath-O’Leary, Co-Founders of Triplepoint, will join the Axius Water leadership team as General Managers responsible for Triplepoint’s day-to-day operations.


According to General Managers Patrick and Brady, “Since its inception, Triplepoint has specialized in serving customers in small, rural communities that rely on their lagoons by providing novel solutions that meet current regulations. Our customers depend on us to provide the best, most cost-effective treatment solution, and we take this responsibility very seriously.”

How will Triplepoint's clients benefit?

Axius Water’s acquisition of Triplepoint will provide us with additional resources to continue driving innovation to serve communities of all sizes and across types of climates. As part of the Axius Water platform, we will have access to an expanded suite of best-in-class water and wastewater solutions and be able to reach a greater number of rural communities in North America.

We’ve learned from our customers that they really value the simplicity of our technologies, as well as our commitment to serving them throughout procurement, commissioning, and operation. However, there was also a client request for more assistance after commissioning and for maintenance support throughout the life of the system.

By combining Triplepoint’s strengths with the additional resources of Axius Water, we can offer even better service to clients. In addition, Axius plans to invest in our growth by adding additional team members and moving to a larger facility.

Axius invests in innovative companies that offer unique nutrient removal products to further its mission of cleaning more water and removing more nutrients using a facility’s existing infrastructure. For Triplepoint, serving rural communities and the lagoons that they rely on is the mission, and Axius has the resources to assist us in this mission.

About Axius Water

Axius Water was founded in 2019 by KKR’s Global Impact Fund, in partnership with XPV Water Partners. Axius’ differentiated products and services improve the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process, thereby measurably improving the quality of treated water. The platform is expanding globally as it builds a diversified portfolio of operating companies that offer leading solutions that improve the overall wastewater management processes. For additional information about Axius Water, please visit www.axiuswater.com.

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