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Lagoon issues? We can solve them fast with our turnkey rental systems.

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill

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Need treatment now? Triplepoint’s aeration and ammonia rental systems can get you back into compliance in days.

Triplepoint turnkey aeration and ammonia removal systems can be onsite quickly to get treatment issues under control, to get your lagoon back into compliance, and to keep you out of trouble with regulators.

Lagoon aeration rental

Our double-bubble lagoon aeration technology, which combines robust mixing and fine-bubble diffusion in a portable unit, powers our rental aeration systems to:

  • Reduce BOD/TSS effluent
  • Eliminate odors
  • Break up floating sludge
  • Reduce sludge blanket by as much as 45%
  • Meet a temporary treatment need
  • Reduce algae growth
  • Replace broken aerators
  • Avoid fines from water quality authorities

Our extensive wastewater process expertise will help you to determine what you need to meet your treatment objectives and support you along the way. Aeration rental includes

  • Right-sized lagoon aeration system
  • Air header piping and installation
  • Skidded blower with VFW/controls
  • One wiring point for blower power and controls
  • Installation service and startup
  • Operation & maintenance training

Lagoon aeration rental purchase credit

Triplepoint will credit 25% of the first six months of rental towards a future system purchase.

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Treatment for Rent: Mobile NitrOx®

Mobile Nitrox 1

Mobile NitrOx is your ammonia solution to meet a temporary treatment need, to get into compliance quickly, or for sites where construction isn’t feasible.

The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology utilized by the Mobile NitrOx is designed to treat the maximum amount of flow in a very small footprint, so you can fit the system anywhere on your site.

Mobile NitrOx is simply driven onsite and connected sidestream between the secondary and polishing cells. Influent from the secondary cell—up to 150,000 gallons per day—is pumped into the 17,000 gallon capacity tanks, where high surface area media are mixed and aerated to foster nitrifying bacteria that remove ammonia.

To ease financial burden, Mobile NitrOx can be rented as needed or leased to own. With Mobile NitrOx, a lagoon ammonia removal solution can be onsite and operating within a matter of days. It can also be configured to treat BOD, achieving soluble BOD in effluent to nondetectable levels.

Treatment for Rent Mobile NitrOx is a turnkey system and includes

  • Small-footprint mobile MBBR tank
  • Skidded blower with VFD/controls
  • One wiring point for blower power and controls
  • Seed bacteria to jump-start treatment
  • Startup service
  • Operation & Maintenance training


Treatment for Rent purchase credit

Triplepoint will credit 25% of the first six months of rental towards a future system purchase.

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Need more information or want to get an idea of cost? Give us a call at 800-654-9307 or fill out the contact form.

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