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Aerated Lagoon Upgrade: A 360° VR Video Case Study

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Patrick Hill

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An aerated lagoon upgrade provides many benefits: it improves treatment, saves on energy cost, and reduces operations and maintenance demands. Our latest video case study of Pacific, Missouri, highlights the benefits of upgrading a lagoon facility with Triplepoint aerators.

This video case study was shot with a 360° camera—watch it with VR goggles for an immersive experience, or simply use your finger or mouse to rotate the view.


Case Study: Pacific Aerated Lagoon Upgrade

aerated lagoon upgrade

Pacific, Missouri, is a city of 7,000 located 34 miles southwest of St. Louis. Their wastewater is treated with a two-cell, partial-mix aerated lagoon system, with four separate treatment zones separated by baffles, and a final covered polishing cell. The lagoon system has an average flow of a million gallons a day.

Due to two flood events over a period of five years, Pacific needed to upgrade its lagoon aeration, which had been rigid fine-bubble tubing.

The Solution: Triplepoint’s Lagoon Aeration

After careful review of available technologies, Pacific chose Triplepoint’s innovative lagoon aerator, which combines a coarse bubble static tube with fine bubble diffusers in one portable unit. The existing above-ground air header and blowers were retained to provide the airflow, which made the installation quick and easy.

aerated lagoon upgrade

Each one of the ninety-nine aerators has its own individual air line and throttling valve. The airflow to each unit can be controlled from an onshore manifold, allowing for maximum operator control. Moreover, because air can be shut off to any unit, maintenance is simple and redundancy is maximized.

Each aeration unit’s coarse bubble static tube creates an area of influence of up to 125 feet in diameter, ensuring that wastewater is properly treated and sludge buildup is minimized.

Lagoon Aeration Upgrade Improves Energy Efficiency

The reduced operating pressure of Triplepoint’s aerators, using the same blowers as the previous aeration system, has yielded energy savings of as much as 25 percent due to lower brake horsepower usage.

aerated lagoon upgrade

The final step in the process is a polishing pond, which is covered to prevent algae growth during the warm summer months and ensure the effluent has low BOD and TSS.

The aeration upgrade of Pacific’s lagoon system improves mixing and energy efficiency. Moreover, it allows for more operator control and easier maintenance. The ultimate water quality out of the plant is showing BOD and TSS of less than 20 mg/L.

Aerated Lagoon Upgrade Assistance


Need help with your aerated lagoon upgrade? Contact Triplepoint, the lagoon experts. We can help you design an efficient, cost-effective lagoon aeration system, and provide design calculations, budgetary and lifecycle costs, and preliminary layouts. Learn more.

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